9 September 2012

Them Locals #3

Yesterday, I went to one of the locals I attend from time to time in Ghent. Second time I brought my Photon Lightray deck along to a local tourney, but I noticed this time around there was some decent competition (yes).

I was a little late and the judge tells me that (since I got a little late on the sneak too here) this is the last time he would let it slip through his fingers (sure, k, no problem.).

Round 1: Vs Ruben (Wind-up)

  • Game 1: I open broken and clear both his backrow (storm) and send his monster back to the deck (ehren). Turn 4, the game is already over and I didn't even get to see one of his monsters.
  • Game 2: I suddenly notice what he's playing... wind-ups. Without siding decently and no Veiler in my hand, I quickly lose to his magician combo's.
  • Game 3: I didn't draw a single good card from my side and draw my gearfried waaay to early to actually be useful. He solemns my only way of countering and I quickly lose (ratz).
  • Result: OXX

Round 2: Vs Kai (random deck): newbies? I always face them for some reason...

  • Game 1 & Game 2: With random monsters and spells you can't achieve a lot, honestly. I tried to hold back, but he quickly lost both games. I tell him he needs to reduce his deck to as close as 40 as possible (he has near 60 cards in there) and give him a few other hints.
  • Result: OO

Round 3: Vs Michaƫl (HERO deck)

  • Game 1: I open teh nutz again and he has to look as I take the game in a few turns.
  • Game 2: I open badly this time around. But I'm able to hold my defenses for a while (thank you Lighray Madoor). But when he uses Miracle Fusion to get Great Tornade to blow my Madoor away and the next turn parallel world fusion, I have to give in.
  • Game 3: For a while I fear I might lose again, but I draw into Spirit of Purity and Light, get enough monsters banished for Lightray Madoor and then use them to get Photon Strike Bounzer on the field. I finish with Summoning Lighray Gearfried, causing a deadlock. A close game, but I win.
  • Result: OXO

Round 4: Vs Jolly (Zombies)

Another first-timer, but this one's better.

  • Game 1: Again, I try to hold back. But my deck answers me with power cards. I win.
  • Game 2: She gets stallers on the field (Spirit Reaper, Lady in Wight) and suddenly appears with Patrician of Darkness. I underetimate this old-school card and get suckered into defeat. Curses
  • Game 3: She tries to stall again, but I get better answers in my hand this time around.
  • Result: OXO

End result: 3 wins gives me the 4th place. 3 boosters of ROTD & the latest Turbo Pack as price. Though the only noteworthy card is... Rebound (why do I only draw crap from this set?).

The winner, Carl, gets 10 boosters and pulls 4 ultra/ulti cards (Puddingcess, Spellbook Magician, Spellbook of Secrets & SuperRoboGalaxyCrap). Why is he the only one that gets good stuff? :-(

On the other hand, the same day was able to get 10 ORCS boosters off a very cheap price (something close to 0). THose packs got me better results (Invoker, Super Transformation, Evolzar Solda, Dark Mist and a bunch of rares.

So, all in all a good day of testing. Now I at least have a few ideas to fill my side-deck with.

Until next time, V out.


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