2 September 2012

YCS Toronto: Jeff Jones' Earth Psychics & Wind-ups

Short update. I've been following the news flashes of YCS Toronto. Normally I ignore them and read all posts the day afterwards. But there was one deck that caught my eye and kept me following all the updates.

The deck that caught my eye is Psychic Grandsoil (Psoil in Short) and the Deck Creator is Jeff Jones. The decklist can be found over here.

Yeah, he posted it himself. No need to wait a week for Konami to get a decklist up.

Jeff made top 32, top 16 and made it all the way up into the finals. That fact alone got me excited. Psychics topping? WOW!

Sadly enough he lost to Wind-ups in an (apparantly) exciting finale versus Joshua Graham.

We knew that Wind-ups would take the crown, as everybody has been talking about possible Wind-up OTK's, but the psoil deck is a dark horse for the next YCS's. And let's just say... I'm a fan of it already.

Until next time, V out.

Edit: Team Overload posted the decklists of all top 4 on their blog. Check it over here.

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